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Feel free to talk to us! 760-201-6591

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Expert observation for client claims.

nurse helping a senior manLife Care Plans are customized based on the needs of a person. This is conducted by considering various factors and are helpful in determining future medical costs and other medical services a person needs in the duration that the injury heals and even throughout the person’s lifetime. Catastrophic Life Plan is provided to those who have diseases or disabilities that may affect a person’s ability to their daily living activities. Among the health conditions covered are the following;

  • Spinal Cord injury
  • Amputations
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Severe injuries and burns
  • Severe hearing loss
  • Back or neck chronic pain
  • Birth defects
  • Multiple Traumas
  • And more

Catastrophic Life Care Plans Include:

  • Case Overview
  • Chronological Record Review
  • Interview & Examination of the Ill or Injured Individual
  • Summary of Diagnostic Conclusions
  • Introduction to Injuries & Illnesses
  • Descriptive Medical Requirements
  • Future Medical Cost Projections
  • Graphic Exhibition of All Cost Categories
  • Detailed Vendor Survey
  • Thorough References & Citations
  • Exhibits

Our professionals are well experienced in helping lawyers keep records of damages in cases that involve catastrophic damages. With our unbiased services that provide records based on educated observation and assessment, we can also help their clients have the documents that they need for their claims.

When availing of this service, it is recommended that you take essential things like medical records, physician examination records, work and tax records. Are you interested to know more? Please send us a message for inquiries or call us using our given contact information.