Feel free to talk to us! 760-201-6591

Feel free to talk to us! 760-201-6591

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We provide Life Care Planning services nationwide.

Tyla DiMaria

Our Company

BEST LIFE CARE SOLUTIONS is based in Carlsbad, California and provides services nationwide. Services include life care plans, life care plan rebuttals, standard of care reports, and cost comparisons. We proudly serve both plaintiffs and defense attorneys. The Life Care Plan is crucial to individuals with injuries or chronic conditions requiring complex long-term healthcare intervention and management. It is an integrative plan for individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions that includes items and services required, along with specific costs that addresses current and future needs. The Life Care Plan includes estimates for the current and future healthcare needs of individuals along with the associated costs.

Your Expert Life Care Planner

Tyla DiMaria has a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), with over 25 years of experience in serious injuries and catastrophic illness within various clinical settings, management, work comp, and home care. Tyla is a Registered Nurse certified in Case Management as well as Life Care Planning.

Our Mission

To competently utilize knowledge and experience to create cohesive Life Care Plans that will holistically address the future healthcare and financial needs of individuals.

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